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Related article: Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 22:31:09 EST
Subject: Fantastic Billy Fantastic Billy - by David Hass (Pen name)I once had a boy in my class, Billy. He was a big guy, 18, and I saw him
in class, sitting in the back row with a girl and teasing her with a
hardon. She turned red in the face as she saw him pulse it, pushing down
his pant leg, it was trying to lift itself against the cloth and natural girl lolitas preteen
made a
large impression both in his pants and on me. He was showing it with great
pride and horniness. I was shocked it was such a turn on. I had never
seen another's hard cock before. Especially, so huge and on a kid, right
in the back row of class.Oh, when I was in high school, we had circle jerks but no one had big cock
like this. He was almost adult size, good shoulders, slim hips, triangular
chest and long legs. I couldn't believe his manliness, his handsomeness
and his appeal to both her and me. I had never been attracted to a man kid
before.Later, at the end of school, he came up to me with his auto - graph book
and asked me to sign it. He turned me on ever since I saw his display and
his attitude and I always got excited when he came near me. He was the
first I'd ever met that always seemed to be as horny as I felt. He asked
me to sign it, I said I couldn't sign it outside like this. He said sign
it on my back and he immediately turned his back and bent over,
accidentally bumping his butt against my groin. I got an immediate hardon
myself with his great slim butt up against me and tried to sign the book
slowly as possible to keep him in this position holding his balance against
me. He turned his head and looked at me with a disarming smile. I think
he felt my hardon and being constantly horny responded to our touching.How's it going?I'm having trouble with it. Suddenly he stood up, turned still smiling and
said,Let's go into your room and use your desk. He led us in there and closed
the door behind us. Then he leaned over the junk on my desk and said,Now you can sign it more steady.You don't have to lean over the desk now.Sign it on my back the same way. So I placed myself behind him, happily,
and tried to sign it. Again he pushed back and bumped my groin feeling my
hardon at his ass. I couldn't believe this great kid was treating me like
this. I was embarrassed as hell but couldn't help pushing back at him
trying to keep my stance steady. I couldn't sign it, my hands were too
shaky as he kept moving his butt against me and I kept having to push back.
"Is it signed?Stand still. He pressed back and stopped. 'No, not yet. I'm trying. He
must have felt my pulsing and started moving. I almost died with pics models preteens lolita how great
it felt as we humped back and forth. I was getting to feel some urgency in
my groin. "OK, I finally finished. Good. Do me a favor will you?Sure, what?It feels so good resting here, rub my back will you?Sure."My daddy used to rub my back like this.Doesn't he now?He left home. Rub!Sure, amanda preteen lolita model if you want.I dropped the book and put my shaking hands on his great shoulders and
started rubbing them, and his neck, and down his back valley to his waist.
He groaned as I touched him and continued rocking back and forth against
me.That feels great. Wait. He leaned up a bit, ass harder against me and
pulled his shirt over his head. "Now, more." I was helpless and hopeless
under his quiet commands and never enjoyed myself more than having his
tight young body under my fondling hands. He groaned the more then
suddenly pushed me back and turned over, "Rub my chest. His legs were
spread apart and down so I stepped between and started rubbings his pecs,
delts, tits, arms, waist and belly. He just smiled looking at me then
closing his eyes, smiling all the time. I was in heaven. I could see his
huge hardon in his pants and it was being held down against his thigh. It
was thick and I tried not to stare at it but failed at that miserably. He
would peek at me thru slits now and then. "Doing a great job. The
football today made my muscles so tight. This is great." When I reached
to rub his neck, he turned his head back and forth, pressing his cheeks
against my hands, smiling.Also, as I reached, it brought my cock close to his as possible and we were
even able to touch cocks together through our pants. We both liked it and
worked to keep the contact. We hunched each other urgently. Then he sat up
suddenly rolling his cock against mine and hugged me as thumbnails little lolita tits tightly as possible
around my middle. He opened his eyes and looked up at me with the youth of
Adonis in a loving way. I dropped my arms down around his shoulders and
back and hugged him also.My heart died at his beauty. We moved as close to each other as possible,
our cocks pressing, he lifted his legs around my thighs and clutched me as
tightly to him as possible. I cradled his head to my chest and hugged him
back. We held that for a few moments only panting a little with high yelps
occasionally escaping our lips. Then he said,laying back on the desk, "I
want an all over massage. Loosen my belt and help me.I couldn't believe what he wanted, I was already ready to explode in my
pants.He pulled away. I saw his big hardon for me this time and went for the
belt. I couldn't believe it was this huge, even tho I'd seen it before. I
watched it pulse as I managed to clumsily bump it slowly pulling his pants
off. It pulled his shorts down to the last degree that thrilled me but now
his cock was free to work itself to the upright position. It moved easily
with strength and lay magnificently along his baby smooth thigh, just under
his waist band. I couldn't believe the pale soft tight flat beauty of his
lower belly and groin."Now, I want the full treatment. I smiled and started on his waist again I
managed to graze his cock several times. He kind of moved it to my hands
everytime I got near it. He lay there with his heals on the edge of the
desk, knees up and wide and his ass as close to me as possible.He was hot. On the outside edge, I wondered why this kid was coming on to
me I was twice his age and yet I was helplessly turned on to him too. But
I was also thrilled that, tgp loli 12 16 like me, he wanted everything I wanted and
without shame.I didn't know there was anyone in the world like that. Thought I was the
only one.Next, I had a delicious shock, never before experienced. I looked down at
his big cock. It had escaped his waist band and was sticking 3 inches
above it, pulsing. I looked at the bottom of the head and his hole was
near hidden by his cheeky glans, hot red and wet looking. Some lube was
starting to escape. I stared and stared. I'd never seen anything so
nasty. I saw his pool of lube. I wanted to lick it up for him but didn't
have the nerve to be a cocksucker. I stared and licked my lips. mail lolita island pthc
some great rubbing, he raised his arms to ls cp lolitas feet me inviting me to lay on him. I
laid between his legs, my cock snuggling next tgp loli 12 16
to his asshole.He put his arms around my neck snugglin it. Then he raised his knees and
locked his ankles around my back. We rocked like that for a short time and
that brought me so close, I had to stop. I was panting loudly. He knew
what was and held me real quietly. I'm sure he could feel my cock pulse
against his asshole. He waited for it to stop then in one fast action, he
pushed me to standing, lifted his ass up and whipped his shorts off and lay
back down locking his ankles around my butt and pulling me to him. I
marvelled at the egg sized beauty of his balls, the creases around the tops
of his legs, the neat trimmed pubic hair above his genitals, the whiteness
of his skin below his tan line, the sweet curve of his ass cheeks and how
they flowed into his legs, the extreme flatness and vitality of his lower
belly before it became grown over with hair. I had never seen any of this
before and he was moving it wantonly against me. I thrilled at the
flawless beauty of the largest man cock I had ever seen and grabbed it with
both hands to feel its size. He groaned and wallowed in the feeling a few
moments then he sat up again, looked me in the eyes and said, "You got to
get naked!"He hurriedly pulled my shirt over my head as I pushed my pants to the
floor. I lay on him again and got the greatest thrill, feeling his
touches, skin against skin, in all my secret places around my cock and
upper legs, all this nakedness, rubbing our bodies, groins at each other,
places I never even knew needed to be touched and loved. That by itself was
so sexy, his tight silky skin moving against me was as good as cumming. My
getting closer to cumming blinded me to all but lust. My skin laying on him
in youthful nakedness thrilled me beyond belief. We hugged and fucked at
each other cock to cock abandoned to all else except our real pleasure.
Very fast, again he sat up and grabbed my cock with both hands pulling on
it mightily then he pushed it down to his asshole and pulling my hips with
his feet and hands he plunged my cock inside him. He groaned and almost
screamed, the entry was so shocking to his butt. He stopped, moved away a
bit and let the head of my cock just rest inside so his ass could get used
to it. Then he pulled me in more slowly, looking at me with tears, then
more, slowly until my cock was in totally. He smiled, closed his eyes and
lay his head on my chest.Now, Dad. I knew you'd show me. So I'm a surrogate.
Who cares now?He whispered, "Fuck me, - - - fuck me good. I moved unbelievingly in his
body in the tightest, sexiest, hot fluid shute I'd ever felt. I was not
long in cumming. He looked up in my face hugging then at my lips, he
licked my lips and he kissed me as he groaned and moved at my cock to help
me fuck his ass. I grabbed his big cock standing between us and pulled on
it forcefully. It was near solid silk in feel and throbbed as I pulled on
it. It was so tall I pushed his mouth back and still fucking bent over to
get his cock in my mouth. It tasted amazing, it little lolitas porn free throbbed the more in my
mouth. I had to try it. I had to feel his ass sucking at my cock as I
bent over hard sucking his cock.It tasted amazing, it throbbed in my mouth as I twirled my tongue, as I
sucked and then he let out a loud moan. He pushed my mouth away and my
cock out of his ass and panting heavily grabbed both our cocks bottom sides
rubbing each other and jacked pay lolitas borrachas follando
us furiously. I grabbed his head and stuck
my tongue in his mouth and he sucked it excitedly as he brought both of us
to the most body racking orgasm there lolita bbs free link ever was."I'm cumming, he stage whispered. Me, too, I cried. Our bodies thrashed,
jerked, holding on to each other, groaning and half laughs of disbelief.
Our cum shot and spurted, and dripped all over the both of our bodies and
made us glistening wet. HE wouldn't let go until we both started to get
slightly soft then I fell into his cradle again and we mmmmed and said
wonderful things to each other about the hottest sex ever and we slipped
against each other in our sweat and our cum in a most amazing way. We made
promises of future action and love of each other beyond dreams. We just lay
there exhausted, emptied and near delirious. Finally, with just a few
hundred more caresses, I got up. He got up and sat and we held each other
again, more. I reached down and licked all the cum off his chest, belly
and off that gorgeous cock. It laid there bloated and oily looking but
tasted wonderful. I had never tasted cum before and was amazed how young,
fresh and wonderful it was. He just sat there watching me bath him running
his hands through my hair and pecking me on the cheek and the eyes the nose
and my lips. Then he stood up, leaned on my right side, kissing and
sucking my tongue slowly and stuck a slippery finger in my asshole. I
couldn't believe how intimate it was and how sexily it tickled. He gave me
a few strokes some of them really deep and said, Next time I'm going to
stick my big cock up your tight ass and fuck you good! I couldn't believe
he was saying it to me.I was coming to worship his forceful attitude. Then he pulled his finger
out, stuck it in his mouth, sucked it then put it in my mouth. It didn't
smell or taste bad.Finally, we both knew it was the end and watching each other familiarly we
got dressed. We helped each other we mumbled nice things of each other,
then arms around shoulders and waist we left my room smiling and talking.
IF you liked this story, I get off pics models preteens lolita on hearing that someone got off reading my
stuff. Let me know at Dave

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